Well, I have to say, the whole crypto craze didn’t go past me without an impression.

Being a former software developer myself in my early years, having worked for a handful of companies writing code in C and C++ I always had an eye on the current on-goings of the digital world. Although I see many issues and problems with the current stage of crypto currencies ( especially the Blockchain implementations ), I have decided to offer some of my services on times for payment in IOTA.

If you are interested in what IOTA is, check out this webpage.

Why only doing it occasionally !? Well, because I have to pay my rent and so far, Cryptos are not really usable for a lot of “real world” stuff for a standard consumer like me. But I want to push the crypto currency idea to people, to make it possibly a standard payment in the far future.

Anyhow, just wanting to pull my part in helping to push the bandwagon.