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My new online channel “Dispatches” will be an outlet for me to upload little video snippets dealing with stories and issues generally underreported in the mainstream media.

I will update it irregularly as I go along and can produce material on the side while being on assignment. The videos can also be found on twitter( @marchofer ) and Instagram (marc_oliver_hofer).

Caption: Saalax was walking with his family for days. They left behind a child and his parents to take the exhausting trip to the coastal areas in Somaliland. A looming drought at the horn of Africa is slowly taking shape. Driving farmers and herders closer to the last areas of water and grazing grounds. The reasons for the lack of food for the animals are many. Overgrazing, overpopulation, climate change, long dry spells. But as people grow desperate, many observers are afraid that the current AID system put in place, might not be able to tackle the ever growing challenge.

( Music by Ars Sonor via FreeMusicArchive: )