My old friend Dominic Nahr and me have been out over the holiday season to do some video shooting of him in the Swiss mountains.

The beauty to work with friends on none-commercial projects is, that you can really enjoy just hanging out, exchange ideas and work at your own pace. No stress, no hassle.  Dom and me have been to several war zones together and his one of the most talented photographers I know. He is very determined and has a great eye and enthusiasm if he bites into something.

We both used to live together in Nairobi and now we both live in Europe again. As for me it is the return to what I grew up with, for Dom it is a little bit different. He grew up in Hong Kong as a child of two Swiss parents, never really lived in Europe. So his “return” is all new and it is interesting at times to see how he has different perceptions of life in Switzerland.

I got out my trusted A7s and the Sony 28-135mm G F4 OSS and we just went out and did some shooting. Dominic is working right now on a “analog” photography blog for and is always on the look out for subjects and motives to fill this very interesting project with life.

Republik is a very interesting, crowd funded project that tries to carry journalism to its original, ideological heights. So far it seems being on the right way so go and check it out.

Dom in the Mountains