Playlist - Dispatches


#2 Dispatches: Burundi

Interactively aggregate interdependent functionalities with just in time synergy. Dramatically fashion process-centric materials for bleeding-edge paradigms. Distinctively orchestrate transparent leadership skills through enabled action items. Enthusiastically.

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#3 Dispatches: East Africa Drought

In March 2017 the United Nations has declared the horn of Africa and Yemen are in danger of experiencing a famine. Missmanagement of ressources, overgrazing by big herds...

#4 Dispatches: Morocco

Water is a very valuable commodity in southern Morocco. A region already suffering from low rainfall is experience a decrease in water as many observers suspect that...

Dispatches #5: Switzerland

The Rhonegletscher is one of the oldest and mightiest of the glaciers in the alps. It stretches over 6 square miles as of today. It is a valuable resource for water and...

Dispatches#9 : Return to Bangladesh

On my return to the Rohinga refugee camps in Bangladesh, I find a grown community, driven out of their homelands by the army of Myanmar. Now they have started to settle...